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ProjectFocus Hawai’i Presents

“Lost and Found”

Grief. Sorrow. Sadness. Anguish. Alone. Desperation. Heartache. Devastating. Unbearable. Angry. These are the words used by some of our participants to describe the loss of a parent. Grief takes on many forms and for children it is especially difficult to express the depth of pain associated with such a loss.

But with loss also comes opportunities for healing and connections with others. Such was the case with our participants who, through their loss, found renewed hope for a sense of love that had been placed on hold with an uncertainty of where it had gone exactly or when it would return…if ever.

Through the narrative process of photography, we wanted to help our young participants see the world from a different perspective. We knew that each had found a savior among those who cared about them. All they needed to do was stop, listen, feel, and look. Hidden behind the camera were the eyes of doubt. Hidden in front of the camera were the eyes of hope. Woven together in this exhibit are treasures from the heart…children who were grateful to those who carried the burden during a tumultuous time in their lives and their photo subjects who were stunned, touched and awed by the impact their presence had on those young lives. We profoundly thank them for reminding these children that love abounds in many ways—in quiet ways, in unexpected ways— but it can be found again with courage, hope and an openness to receive.

Kids Hurt Too Hawaii

Young hearts broken by parent loss from deaths, divorces, or separations can be traumatic. Kids Hurt Too Hawaii believes that all grieving children deserve a safe place to connect and heal. Kids Hurt Too offers support to those in need through peer groups, education, training, workshops and crisis management, providing more than 250 grieving kids a year with a safe space to express feelings about their loss of a parent to divorce, adoption, incarceration or death. Kids Hurt Too believes that a family’s hope for tomorrow lies in healing young hearts today.

2007 Summer Interns

Natalie Benjamin ~ Punahou
Tyler Holck ~ Punahou
Caelan Hughes ~ La Pietra ~ Hawaiʻi School for Girls
Kate Ryan ~ Barnard College

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