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2015 “360 Degrees” Celebrating ProjectFocus Hawai’i’s 10th Anniversary
• “ProjectFocus Anniversary Features Top Chefs” Honolulu Pulse 05/02/15
• “The Healing Power of Insight” Jade Moon: Midweek 04/15/15

“Community Connection” Jennifer Robbins: Hawaii News Now

2014 “In Their Words” (The Care Center of Honolulu)
 “Photos of Kupuna are a Window to the Past” Nancy Arcayna: Honolulu Star Advertiser 03/30/14

2011 “Shine” (Down Syndrome ‘Ohana Hawai’i)
• “ProjectFocus Welcomes Glee Star”  Midweek 7/13/11
“Chef Lauren Potter” Midweek 7/13/11
• “Island Images” Honolulu Star Advertiser 6/16/11 (3rd image)

• “Learning Life Skills Through Photography,” Hawaii News Now, 8/04/11
• “Glee Star Gets Taste of the Islands” KHON2, 6/29/11
• “Glee Star Inspires Hawaii Kids to Overcome Adversity” KHON2, 6/27/11

“The Conversation”  Beth Ann Kozlovich: Hawaii Public Radio 6/30/11

2010 “Kindred Spirits” (HUGS)
• “WoodCraft” Ben Wood: Honolulu Star Bulletin 10/15/10
• “Kindred Spirits” Shawn Nakamoto: Real Word Magazine,  10/10
• “Core Connections” Nancy Arcayna: Honolulu Star Advertiser 9/28/10
• “On the Scene” John Berger: Honolulu Start Bulletin 9/12/10
• “WoodCraft” Ben Wood:  Honolulu Start Bulletin 9/03/10
• “Good Neighbors” Midweek, 9/01/10

• “ProjectFocus Exhibit to Debut” Hawaii News Now 8/27/10
• “ProjectFocus Partners With HUGS” KHON TV ~ Olena Heu, 8/26/10
• “Hawaiian News: ProjectFocus” Hawaii News Now, 6/30/10

2009 “The Resilient Spirit” (Hale Kipa)
• “ProjectFocus Hawaii” Shawn Nakamoto: Real Word Magazine 2/04/09
“On the Scene”  John Berger: Honolulu Star Bulletin 9/11/09
• “Lives Captured on the Rebound” Nancy Arcayna: Honolulu Star Bulletin 8/30/09
• “Style Focus” Nadine Kam: Honolulu Star Bulletin 8/30/09
• “Shining Stars” Honolulu Star Bulletin 1/31/09

• “Pacific Superheroes” 1/29/09

2008 “Reawakening” (Ka Hale Ho’Ala Hou No Na Wahine) & The Women’s Community Correctional Center
• “Putting Life in Focus” John Heckathorn: Honolulu Star Bulletin 9/7/08
ProjectFocus” Ben Wood: Honolulu Star Bulletin 8/23/08
“The Focus Turns to Moms in Prison”  Nancy Arcayna: Honolulu Star Bulletin, 6/24/08
• “A Honolulu Nonprofit Funds Groups that Aid Women and Children” Honolulu Star Bulletin 5/13/08

2007 “Lost & Found” (Kids Hurt Too)
• “Children’s Photos Tear at the Heart” Lee Cataluna: Honolulu Advertiser  1/15/08
• “Stories From the Eyes of Children” Midweek 1/9/2008
• “Healing with Photography” John Berger: Honolulu Star Bulletin ~ “On The Scene”  8/28/07
• “Kids Express their Feelings Through Pictures”  Roger Mari: KITV 8/19/2007
• “Lost & Found Through ProjectFocus” Melissa Chang: My, Honolulu Advertiser 8/20/07
• “Seeing Kid’s Pain”  Nancy Arcayna: Honolulu Star Bulletin 8/19/07

2006 “ My Voice” (Women In Need)
• “Visual Eyes”  Becky Maltby: Honolulu Weekly, 8/16/2006
• “Christianna and Her Camera” Hawai’i Girls Court web site, 8/18/06
• “Giving Voice” On the Scene  John Berger: Honolulu Star Bulletin,     8/22/06
• “Images of Hope”  Nancy Arcayna: Honolulu Star Bulletin, 8/21/06
• “Young Lives in Focus”  Catherine E. Toth: Honolulu Advertiser, 8/16/06
• “Positives from Negatives”  Katherine Nichols: HONOLULU Magazine, 5/06
• “ProjectFocus Receives Campbell Grant”  Ben Wood: Wood Craft, Honolulu Star Bulletin, 2/25/06
• “Children’s Photo Project Gets Grant” Honolulu Advertiser, 2/23/06
• “Amazing Kids”  Alyse Rome: Amazing Kids Web Site, 2/06

2005 “Doorways” (Kuhio Park Terrace)
• “The Faces of Ohana”  Betty Shimbukuro: Honolulu Star Bulletin, 11/11/05
• “Deluged with Honors” John Heckathorn: What the Heck?, Honolulu Star Bulletin, 10/28/05
• “Children’s Lives come into Focus”  James Gonser: Honolulu Advertiser, 8/12/05

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