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Ceferino Jay (CJ) Dietz

Age | 10

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I took a portrait of my friend Greyson. We like to do the same things. He makes me happy when we are together. He cheers me up when I am down, because I lost my dad. I also lost the feeling of being safe. But Greyson is there for me. I like to play games with him and when I need help he is there. He is like another brother to me. He is a good person if you really know him. I want him to know that he is special to me.

I am a star in my family.
I can do my homework and school work.
I will get better at things.

Ceferino Jay Dietz’a nickname is C.J. and I have known him since the first grade. He visits and stays over at my mom’s whenever he can. My mom and his mom are friends.

I like to play games with C.J. and hang out when he comes over and spends the night. We always have fun wherever we go. He’s a great person and a great friend. Also, he listens to my mom and has respect for her and my family.

I hope C.J. finishes school and joins the military as he plans to do. I hope he accomplishes all his goals and succeeds in everything he sets his mind to. I want him to know I hope our friendship lasts forever and the same goes for our families as we get older.

Greyson | Family Friend

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