Age | 10

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I am in this group because I lost my dad because of cancer and my sister because of an air bubble on her spine. I decided to take a portrait of my grandpa on my dad’s side because, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be born. So I am glad my dad was born. My grandpa makes me feel like my dad is a lot closer to my heart even if he’s not here. I like that feeling inside. Grandpa helps me through the hard times by putting me in an area where it is easier to feel my dad’s spirit. He reminds me of all the good times and less of the sorrow. He reminds me of my dad too. I want to tell him, “Thank you for your help through this lane of my life. Thank you for getting me over the big bumps and the small bumps.”

I am strong within my spirit.
I can listen to my conscience.
I will try to think of the happy times with my dad.

Bren is my grandson. He is a very thankful boy and always helps me clean the yard. I like talking story with him and watching him draw. I am very proud of Bren because he listens to his mom and enjoys going to school. My dream for him is that he finishes college and becomes an outstanding citizen. I would like to tell Bren that when you do anything, always do your best and never give up. For example, since you like to draw, always keep on trying to improve your skills.

George | Grandfather

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