Age | 7

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I’m In Kids Hurt Too because I lost my daddy and they help me realize that it’s okay because now my dad’s not in pain anymore.

I took a picture of my uncle, Jerome P. Nakachi Jr., or Uncle Jr., because he is my daddy’s brother. Uncle Jr. promised me that he would always protect me. He always asks if I’m okay and then he hugs me. I really love him because he does fun things with me like fishing and he teaches me how to box and bowl. He makes me feel special. I like to go anywhere with Uncle Jr.

“Uncle Jr., I like what you’re doing for me and I really appreciate it. I love you, Uncle, you’re a greater Uncle than anyone.”

I am helpful.
I can learn.
I will go on with my life and become a good man.

Nokeakua’s father was my brother. After his passing I made it a goal of mine to do things with him from growing plants, playing sports, to fishing or what ever it may be. Nokeakua is always like an opihi with me; he still wants to be where I am and go where I go, no matter where. He is one person who is special to me. He’s like my own son. I really love to teach him all the knowledge and skills that I learned as a child and once I found out that Nokeakua excelled 100% in everything we have done together, I decided to put my whole heart, soul and unconditional love into what we do. He will never forget that his dad is his guardian angle working through me to make all of his dreams come true. Nokeakua has already changed my life too. There is no doubt in my mind that Nokeakua will be someone that people will look up to. He is such a kind, loving, sensitive boy who looks up to me. He makes me proud. I hope Nokeakua will pass on to the next generation what I’ve taught him. “Nokeakua, I am so grateful to have you as a nephew and am so thankful that you picked me to do this project with. It makes me feel special and it softens my heart to know that you take an interest in the things I do and teach you.”

Jerome | Uncle

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