Age | 10

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I lost my father and Kids Hurt Too makes me feel better. I took a photo of my mom because she is good to me and I feel safe around her. She takes care of me and does a lot for me. She takes care of my boo-boos and feeds me and talks to me. I like going to the movies or taking walks with my mom. “Thank you, mom… “

I am patient.
I can learn something new.
I will make new friends.

Nigeil is my son. We lost Michael, Nigeil’s dad, almost two years ago to cancer. Since then we have experienced lots of changes. I love talking to Nigeil and hearing his views of the world. When I have a bad day, he gives me a hug and I forget about how bad it was. I am very proud of Nigeil because the last couple of years have been hard and he has displayed lots of courage and strength. Nigeil is my role model.

My dream for Nigeil is that he lives a happy life. I hope the tragedy of losing his father does not set the tone for his life. I want him to accomplish all of his dreams.

“Nigeil, thank you. I couldn’t have gotten through the last couple of years without your love, kindness and your ability to make me laugh.”

Tracy | Mother

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