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Age | 10

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

This is my eight-year old brother, Josiah, and he was born with tumors on his neck. Its called Cystic Hygroma. They were so big he couldn’t breath on his own and had to have a tube in his throat and another tube in his stomach for feeding. Josiah gets a lot of attention because of his illness. I can’t wait until his doctors take the tubes out of his body. Then maybe we can be normal brothers where each of us gets noticed equally. My mom has to spend a lot of time with him giving him his treatment and medicines and my dad has to work 3 jobs so I don’t get noticed very much even though I get good grades and don’t get into trouble at school. Josiah is fun, kind, talks a lot and is sometimes lazy. “Josiah, even though you’re annoying sometimes, I still love you very much.”

I am obedient to my parents.
I can help people.
I will win a million dollars, be good in school and do all my homework.

Zaccary is my older brother. He loves to draw, play tennis and he shares everything. He’s a really good writer. We like to play video games, watch movies and build with Legos. He helps me with my schoolwork, cooks saimin for me and protects me from bullies. I am proud of Zack because he is very smart and is a good artist. He is a good brother to me and loves me. “Zaccary, you are the best brother in the world.”

Josiah | Brother

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