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Age | 15

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I sometimes refer to my brother, Jayson, (who is almost 18) as “Captain America” because he’s a leader, stands tall and is proud of where he is in life regardless of how much he’s been through. He has lost most of his life to leukemia but found his disease both a blessing and a curse because he now takes life as a gift and never takes things for granted. Jayson is an inspiration because of his attitude. Even in the dark tunnel of pain that never seemed to end, he still found a small glimmer of light that was his joy. Like most siblings we sometimes bicker, but in the end are open ears for each other and enjoy each other’s interests. We play video games, love films and laugh at the little things. “Even through the times of pain, sadness, anger and confusion, you may have made mistakes, but you are forgiven and no matter what, you will be loved. Not only by me but by everyone who knows you. We will always love you for who you are. “

I am artistic.
I can draw very well at anime & scenery.
I will become a manga artist.

My beautiful sister, Megan, is my photographer and she is awesome. She is her own person and really doesn’t care what others think of her. She can be shy but opens up to people when she finds a common interest with them. Her friendships are important to her. She’s an incredible Anime and Manga artist and knows everything and anything about any horror movie ever made. Megan and I like to do rock band together and we talk a lot and share what’s going on in each other’s lives. I don’t have enough room to say why I am proud of her. Megan is awesome and I’d go to hell and back for her. “Megan, I love you and hope you’ll keep moving forward in your life no matter what. Just know that I will help you with anything no matter how big or small.”

Jayson | Brother

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