Age | 13

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I photographed my skills trainer Ms. Jen, aka “Ms. JK.” I chose her because I love her. She makes me feel happy with a big smile. I’m excited that she’s having a baby. She also has beautiful hair like me. Ms. JK helps me at school. She plays ball with me and gave me my favorite movie, “Tangled.” She also helps me with my music in band class. We eat pizza together. Ms. Jen is always happy and is patient and very kind to me. She wants to help me for a long time. I want Ms. Jen to be my friend forever. “Ms. Jen, you are the best skills trainer in the world.”

I am Beautiful.
I can sing and sign on stage.
I will sing and dance with Justin Bieber.

Aubrey is my photographer. As her skills trainer, I work with her in school and in the community. She is a unique and extraordinary young lady who has many wonderful talents that she loves to share. Aubrey and I enjoy reading, dancing and singing together, but most of all, we like to play games together – whether playing ball, board games or games at the arcade, we always have fun. We laugh, cheer, scream and clap – win or lose. I am extremely proud of all of her accomplishments and her ability to progress. She is one of the hardest working teenagers I know. My hope is that Aubrey will be successful in achieving her dreams. “Aubrey, you are an amazing person and mean so much to me. I don’t look at you as just a ‘client’ but as someone much greater. Because of you I have learned patience and about love in a far greater way. Thank you, Aubrey, for teaching me more than you will ever know.”

Jen | Skills Trainer

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