Age | 17

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I chose to photograph my mom, Lorie Ann Ioane. I chose her because she is talented and I love her. My mom makes me feel strong. She also makes me feel smart. One of the things we like to do together is to go shopping at Game Stop. She is smart and the most loving mother ever. She is a good mother who is patient and understanding. “ You are my loving mom and I love you very much.”

I am talented and can sing HMS (High School Musical).
I can play basketball and I can shoot baskets.
I will be a singer, a dancer and a rock star.

My photographer is my son, Kekoa. He is full of energy and is active in Boy Scouts, dancing with Heartbeats and Special Olympics. Kekoa loves entertaining people with singing and dancing. We love to go clothes shopping together. He always keeps my spirits high, and gives me hugs and kisses just at the right time. I am so proud of Kekoa for overcoming so much. I am so proud of all of his talents. He reads well and does basic math. I am most proud of Kekoa for always making me smile when I am sad. I hope that someday Kekoa will accomplish his dream to perform live on a regular basis in front of an audience. I hope that he will also learn to be a little more independent. “I am so thankful that you chose me to be your mother. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring for other people but most of all, for being a very important person in my life.”

Lori Ann | Mother

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