Age | 19

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I photographed Linda. She is my Chinese aunty “Yeema.” She takes good care of me especially when I had heart surgery. “Yeema” makes me happy because she tells funny stories especially when she swears. We like to eat Chinese food together. I’m proud of her because she studied hard in school and she became a nurse. She loves to do Yoga. “Yeema, I love you very much.”

I am thoughtful and kind to others.
I can help keep my mom organized.
I will find a job and learn to take care of myself

My niece, Keilani, is my photographer. She is a thoughtful, caring and courageous girl with a loving heart. Despite three cardiac surgeries, she remains positive. She enjoys watching and participating in sports activities. Keilani keeps me current on the top music hits and the popular teenage heartthrobs. One of our favorite things to do is together is eat Chinese food. Keilani is an inspiration to many. Over the years I have been so proud of her, but the most precious of all was seeing her big smile when she brought home the many medals she won at Special Olympics. On May 24th, Keilani reached another milestone by graduating from Kalani High School. I hope she will continue to be active and productive in her life, become independent and pursue her goals. My dream is that she finds a part-time job she loves. “Keilani, celebrate life, be playful and curious. Notice the beauty that is all around you and the people who love and support you. Cherish the time you spend with family and friends. You have many gifts in your life.”

Linda | Aunt

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