Age | 14

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I took pictures of my sister, Erin. I am close to her. She makes me feel happy because she plays with me and helps me with my chores. She tells me I do a good job and encourages me. I like to go bowling with her and to the movies. She plays basketball with me and helps me build trains. I’m proud of Erin because she is a good person. She has graduated from college and she works hard. She has traveled to many places. “I love you and I am glad you are my sister and my friend. I like to go to the movies with you. You make me feel special when you spend time with me and let me hang out in your room with you while we watch TV and eat ice cream together.”

I am strong, helpful and happy. I am a boy who likes Spiderman and The Hulk
video games and movies.
I can play basketball and video games.
I will go to school and graduate from high school.

Joshua is my photographer and he is my younger brother. We like to go to the beach, the park, play basketball, watch movies and we love to eat ice cream! I’m proud he’s my brother and love him. He’s always happy to help me at home with whatever needs to be done. My dream for Joshua is that he will be happy, have lots of friends, and be able to work hard while helping others. “Joshua, you make me smile!”

Erin | Sister

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