Born: 1927

Laurie Breeden Callies, Photographer

Born and raised in Waipahu, Hatsuko’s 40-year career at Ferguson Enterprises is surpassed only by her generosity to others and to her church. She often gives small tokens of appreciation to others “just because.” As a gesture of gratitude for all the church did for her parents, Hatsuko continues to give back to the church. Single, and the only surviving sister of three, Hatsuko feels blessed to have the companionship of her nieces and nephews who frequently visit and care for her. “They are important to me because they are all I have.” Beloved by her former co-workers, Hatsuko was most proud of the surprise party they threw at a Waikiki Hotel for her retirement and hopes that she is remembered simply as a nice, friendly person with a sense of humor.

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