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Age: 14
Year: 2010 HUGS

Laurie Breeden Callies, Photographer

ProjectFocus piqued my interest in and passion for photography and also taught me a lot about myself including my love for writing. I learned that I’m outgoing and a leader. ProjectFocus showed me photography isn’t just about pictures, it’s also about telling stories. Since 2010, I’ve put my writing skills to work by creating a blog, writing short stories and a pilot episode for an original TV show. I also started a small t-shirt business. I’m very proud of the discipline I’ve gained, especially in my studies. I would like to help kid discover who they are, their dreams and passions. My parents taught me when you have a lot of resources then you can touch more lives.  I want to touch A LOT of lives.

I am…confident and motivated to keep reaching for my dreams

I will…positively impact many people around the world

I appreciate…all the amazing opportunities and inspired ideas that God has blessed me with

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