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Age: 17
Year: 2010 HUGS

LIsa Uesugi, Photographer

Through ProjectFocus I learned there are many different support groups in Hawai`i. I also realized how special my sister was to me, and that it’s important to be caring and nice to everyone. Since 2010, I won Division 2 HHSAA State Championships twice, got a job and was accepted to Whitworth University where I will be playing Division 3 soccer. I am proud that I applied early to college because now I don’t have to stress about it any more. I am also proud of my sister, Kristina, for attending Windward Community College. My dream is to start on the Whitworth Varsity Soccer team and to major in kinesiology so I can become a physician’s assistant. After college, I hope to find a job and settle down with a family.

I am…an athletically social kid who loves to be around my friends

I will…create a lifestyle with my own family that I will enjoy for the rest of my life

I appreciate…my family, friends, and people who make me –
and others – feel happy

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