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Age: 24
Year: 2009 Hale Kipa

LIsa Uesugi, Photographer

ProjectFocus came into my life during a time of transition. I had graduated from the foster care system and was in limbo, trying to find balance in an unstable place. Laurie and Lisa gave me resources and helped me reclaim my goals. I worked hard to secure Section 8 for myself, saved money and was the first to successfully be admitted to and also leave the program with my own place. I have also worked my way up through several managerial positions in the workforce. I am most proud of becoming a confident, assertive and successful woman after years of challenges and when I felt the least capable of succeeding especially when others thought I would fail. My dream is to regain my health, pay off my debt and move to California to pursue a career as a therapist for the military.

I am…independent, brave and confident

I will…reach my goals and dreams even though it might not be in the timeframe I had imagined

I appreciate…the ways I have been shaped by both
the good and the bad

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