Age | 12

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

My mother is Deenie. She is sometimes over protective but she cares for me a lot and is very sweet. When my mom was in prison, I felt really sad because when I would go out, I’d see my friends spending time with their moms and it made me feel sad and I really didn’t like that feeling. But my mom is changing like trying to make better choices in life. That makes me feel really proud of her and I hope she also feels proud of herself. When my mom is around she makes me feel like I have the ability to do anything because she convinces me to do new things. She makes me feel great. I love doing things with her like being in ProjectFocus. I am proud of my mom because she has completed her jail time and is now almost out for good. She inspires me to be a better person in life and not depend on everyone else. I want her to know that I feel really special to be her daughter.

I am very special to be who I am.
I can do better in life with my mom and ProjectFocus’ inspiration.
I will be a great role model for my mom.

My photographer is my beautiful daughter Mahina. She is my light and heart and soul. She has had a good life even though I was in and out of prison. Right now I’m doing my best to be a great mother for her. I would like to show my daughter that I will be there for her and will never leave her again. I’m very proud of her for being strong and smart. She has overcome obstacles at a very young age and is a survivor. She’s a very beautiful girl and has a soft heart. I hope my child will always be happy and enjoy her youth and attend the proms in high school, graduate and go straight to college. At this time, I’m in my 2nd semester at Honolulu Community College. My long-term goal is to achieve my BA in Social Work. I’m showing my daughter that I will be a successful role model that she can be proud of. “Mahina, I want you to know I will never leave you again. I will take care of you and guide you in life. I love you, my Beautiful Bebe Queen.”

Deenie | Mother

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