Age | 7

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I am a part of Kids Hurt Too because we talk about who we have lost in our family. I have lost my two parakeets, Hulky and Larkey, and I lost my father. The person I took pictures of is my mommy, Carleen. I chose my mommy because I’m mostly with her. She makes me feel happy because she always cooks me dinner and she cares about me. I love to spend time with her at the park. She also helps me with my homework because sometimes it is really, really hard. I want to tell her that I have heard God talking to me. I hope to be able to write better and to take really nice pictures.

I am an artist.
I can run fast.
I will try my best to be a swim teacher.

My daughter, Shannon Hussey, took my photograph. I also call her Hi‘i or Hi‘ilani. She is my middle child. She has an older sister, Faith, and a younger sister named Lessika. Shannon is a very active child and enjoys caring for others especially children younger than her. Shannon helps me care for her baby sister. She’s a great babysitter.

I love taking Shannon – and all my girls – to the beach, park or mall. I enjoy spending time with Shannon and teaching her more about God. She loves God and enjoys dancing for Him and learning more about His will for her life.

I am very proud of Shannon’s heart of compassion for others. My dream is that God uses her in such a way to do His will and that she will be the fine woman He is calling her to be. I would like to tell her these words…“Live according to God’s will for your life.”

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