Age | 7

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I am taking pictures of Hiro because when I started here at Kids Hurt Too, he was nice to me. I lost my dad and that makes me worried. I don’t have him to help me do things like reading and playing ball. When I’m alone I wonder about my dad and think about him a lot. Hiro makes me feel happy and he does fun things with me. We play games and he makes me feel like he is my friend because he helps me. He makes me feel strong. “Thank you Hiro for spending time with me.” This project will give me memories and friends and when I see my picture up, I’ll feel proud.

I am happy and excited.
I can blow up a balloon really big and fast.
I will be a leader at Kids Hurt Too when I grow up, just like Hiro.

SeanPaul was my photographer. My wife, Cynthia, is the Executive Director of Kids Hurt Too and I am one of the Program Directors for the group. I got to know SeanPaul after the death of his father. He, along with his other brothers, participates in our support group. I play with him and we talk story about his father. SeanPaul makes me smile.
I’m so proud of him because he keeps coming back to the grief support group to share his loss with other children with a positive attitude. My hope for SeanPaul is that he continues to be a good student in school and does well in sports – whatever he chooses. I would like to let him know how much I like him being in our Aiea support group.

Hiro | “Kids Hurt Two” Program Director

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