Born: 1932

Laurie Breeden Callies, Photographer

At 92, Ruth is extraordinarily proud that she has lived so long and remains healthy.  Ruth grew up on Kauai and moved to San Francisco with her family in 1957. She worked in San Francisco as a school secretary for several decades.  The relocation was challenging and she found herself longing for the islands. Ruth and her husband finally returned to Hawaiʻi to spend their retirement years.  They both lived many happy years together until his death at the age of 89.  The memories of their happy times together still linger and she is unable to recount just one especially memorable time with her husband, and emphatically says with a smile, “It was the whole thing!”  Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, along with her passion for crocheting, are what keep Ruth young-at-heart and vibrant at 92.

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