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Krystta and Terynn

Ages: 7

Diagnosis: Born at 34 weeks

Lisa Uesugi, Photographer

Krystta and Terynn were born via Caesarean section at 34 weeks due to Intrauterine Growth Restriction, or IUGR. This is a condition where a baby, or in the Horita family’s case, twins, were not growing at a normal rate in the womb. This condition can cause a multitude of problems at birth, including low birth rate, decreased oxygen levels and low resistance to infection. Fortunately, Krystta and Terynn did not experience any complications. “Having the girls born prematurely was scary for both of us,” said their mother, Julie-Ann. “But both of our girls were well cared for by the team at Kapi‘olani and we are forever grateful.” Today, both girls attend Mid-Pacific Institute. Krystta enjoys art, tennis and writing and Terynn loves to read, sing and dance.

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