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Age: 18
Year: 2010 HUGS

Lisa Uesugi, Photographer

For a very long time my life revolved around my sister’s illness. When I participated in ProjectFocus it reminded me that it’s really important and ok to focus on myself too. My greatest accomplishments are graduating from the University Lab School and attending UH Manoa. I am the most proud of getting into college since I am the first in my family to reach this level and for that I am very proud. My dream is to finish college and pursue a career in communications. I have simple aspirations: to travel, live comfortably, and see life through the eyes of as many people as possible. My ultimate dream, however, is to wake up every day with a grateful mindset and eager heart.

I am…a work in progress

I will…learn to love myself

I appreciate…the life I was given to live

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