Age | 17

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

This is Lyla. She is my teacher. She takes me to school activities and stays after school with me. She helps me to be a better person by helping me on my school curriculum. She also helps me to be more honest with myself and others. She is there when I am feeling bad like when I was fighting with my brother. She said everybody fights. This person makes me feel spoiled; she gives me good vibes even when I get in trouble. No matter what, she never gives up on me. “Mrs. Tatafu, you are like a mom to me. “

I am a creative inventor.
I can live life fearlessly.
I will fly back to the state where I was born.

Jeff first came to my class during his 8th grade summer for summer school. He is a very inquisitive student and I could always count on him to raise his hand, answer or ask questions and add comments to my lessons. Jeff comes from a nice supportive home. He was always eager to help me with the other students. For example, he would initiate activities with them such as playing catch, blowing bubbles, or helping them with art activities. Jeffrey has a strong will to survive. He can pick himself up and move on, amidst failures. My dream for Jeff is to become self-sufficient, gainfully employed and an upstanding citizen to make good contributions to society. “Jeffrey, remember that night when you came to me, full of excitement, wanting to show me how handsome you looked dressed in your JROTC uniform? I felt very honored that you wanted to share your moment with me. I was so proud of you.”

Lyla | Teacher

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