Age | 16

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

This is my brother L.Jay. Our relationship is like we are one. We can’t be taken apart. We like to play football or talk about the fun times we have with our family. I am proud of my brother because he is the person that fills me with joy and makes me happy when I’m feeling unhappy. He is the person that is there for his family at all times. He’s accomplished a lot and inspires me to stay out of trouble. “L.Jay, I hope you can live your dream to finish high school, go to college and become a pro football player. No matter what I say or no matter what I do, I will never change or put friends first, ‘cause the family comes first, not friends.”

I am an athlete.
I can handle any challenge in my life.
I will finish high school.

When I think about my sister Jan, I think about how special she is to me. We are both very close to each other and we both share a special bond. We love to talk story together and share our hopes and our dreams for one another. I am grateful for my sister because she loves me and keeps me out of trouble. I am really proud of her because she is making a difference in her life. I know that the changes she is making will make her life better and she will be successful. If I had a wish for her it would be that she could start all over again because I know that she would make better choices and be happier. I believe that my sister will reach all her goals and one of them is to get her GED. “ I love you and know that you can accomplish anything!”

L.Jay | Brother

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