Age | 15

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

Heather is my sister and I chose her to photograph. I really love her and she has a nice face. Heather makes me feel happy because she always makes me dinner and rents me movies. We like to go swimming together. I’m proud of her because she is a good sister. She likes to work, cutting hair and giving everyone food at The Shack. “Heather I want to tell you that you are a good sister. You are really nice and pretty and cool and special and really awesome!”

I am the seventh child.
I can skateboard at the skate park.
I will graduate from school.

David is my little brother who is a talented, enthusiastic, funny and outgoing individual. We love to go to the beach as a family and watch movies together. I am proud of his skills in sports and now, photography. He won several silver medals in swimming during this year’s Special Olympics and enjoys surfing and body boarding. My dream is that he finds a skill that he can be excellent at and to be self-sufficient and independent. “David, I am so proud of you and honored to have been chosen as your photo subject.”

Heather | Sister

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