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Age | 11

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I photographed my sister Amberlee. I call her Am. She had cancer when she was five but she is eleven now. When I am around her I feel like a little girl playing with her. She made me laugh when I was little. I like chatting with her on the DS and we like to go outside and climb in our lychee tree. She also likes to play board games. I’m proud of Am because she had a hard time and was alone a lot but she was still strong. “Am, even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye on some things, I still love you!”

I am a good and smart girl.
I can sing jazz well.
I will be a writer of poems.

My photographer is my younger sister, Chloe. She is opposite from me in many ways. She likes dogs and I like cats. She used to be a night owl and I used to be the early bird. We’re alike in many ways too. We both like swimming at the pool and we like surfing at the beach. We like swinging and climbing on the lychee tree in our back yard. We enjoy bike rides to the lake and Escrima (a Filipino martial art) and ballet. Chloe was also my buddy when I was in the hospital. We would play, make lots of messy crafts and take lots of bubble baths when I was in the hospital. Our favorite thing to do was face painting or to put on makeup. Our other favorite thing to do was ride on my IV pole or ride in a wheel chair to the cafeteria when my doctor said it was ok for me to be out. We were really small then. I don’t think we could do those things now. My dream is that Chloe will be a successful actor when she gets older. “Chloe, thank you for staying with me in the hospital. I’m proud of you because you are a true friend and a great sister.”

Amberlee | Sister

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