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Age | 14

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I photographed my seventeen-year old sister Kristina. She had heart surgery when she was young and some problems got into her brain. She can’t eat a lot and has bends in her back. She also can’t speak clearly and when she was young we had to learn sign language. It makes me feel bad that she can’t have a normal life and can’t learn as easily. Also, it makes me frustrated because people laugh at her and I have to deal with it. I like to play soccer with her. We can both pass the ball to each other and I also like helping her do stuff because then I know that she is learning something. I’m proud of her because she can now talk a lot more instead of just using sign language. She inspires me to be a better person and not call people by offensive names. I am also proud of her because she can play sports and tries instead of just giving up. “Kristina, I’m proud of you because you have learned a lot and I know it was very hard for you and because you keep trying and trying no matter how hard it is.”

I am very social.
I can play most active sports.
I will be a successful businessman.

My photographer is Brandon and he is my brother. He has lots of friends come over and they play with me. My brother always helps me when I need it, like with Kumon and soccer where he volunteers for my team. He keeps me company and he is nice to me. I am proud of Brandon because he is a good soccer player. He runs track too, just like me. My dream for Brandon is for him to be happy. “Brandon, thank you for helping me and being there for me. I love you very much!”

Kristin | Sister

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