Age: 11

Diagnosis: Short-Leg Syndrome

Laurie Breeden Callies, Photographer

A month after she was born, Kayla was diagnosed with short-leg syndrome, a common orthopedic condition among children. Her parents, Leon and Reina, were devastated to learn of her diagnosis and worried that as Kayla grew, her physical condition would cause children to tease her or discriminate against her at school. Initially, Kayla’s condition was managed with shoe lifts and activity modifications. As she grew, her condition continued to worsen so she underwent leg-lengthening surgery. “It was really hard at times watching Kayla adjust to her condition as her body continued to grow. Dr. Robert Durkin gave us hope from the very first day she was diagnosed, and stuck with us through the eight long years we had to wait before Kayla could have corrective surgery.” Today, Kayla attends Enchanted Lake Elementary School and loves to dance the hula.

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