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Age | 13

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I photographed my sister Kamalani. She is nine years old and has had a rare form of liver cancer. She makes me feel happy because I was really sad when she was sick but now she is better. We like to play basketball together sometimes and I help her with her dribbling skills in the front yard. I’m proud of her for pulling through all the medicine and surgery. I’m inspired to work through anything that I think is hard until I get the answer. “Kamalani, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem that I care about what you do, I actually care a lot about you. I hope you become a doctor and can find a cure for cancer.”

I am an athlete.
I can shoot a free throw well.
I will be in the NBA.

My photographer is my brother, Kainoa Quindica. He plays basketball, football and volleyball. He wants to be a NBA basketball player. He also makes funny jokes and is kind and helps me with my homework. He is really fun to be around and smiles a lot. Kainoa and I like to play in the water together. We also like to play tag and hide-and-seek. I am proud of my brother because he is smart. I hope he will fulfill his dream of being a NBA player. I want him to be the best at all he tries to do. I know he can do whatever it is, if he tries. “Kainoa, I respect you as a basketball player. I love you and hope we can always be friends. I’ll always be there if you need me.”

Kamalani | Sister

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