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Age | 12

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I took a picture of my brother Mitchell. He is nine years old and his medical challenge is Aplastic Anemia. Sometimes I feel worried and sad for him. He makes me feel happy and joyful because he plays video games with me and always makes jokes. Sometimes I help him with his homework and when he needs help he asks me. I’m proud of him for doing a good job in school. He inspires me by always making me laugh and telling me to go to school. I remember one time when I didn’t want to go to school he somehow made me go. “ Mitchell, you are my best friend and a super good brother. You have a good heart because even though we fight a lot, we will be friends later.”

I am a good friend.
I can play football and pass really well.
I will play in the NFL and win the Super Bowl

My older brother, Josh, is my photographer. He is a funny, adventurous and caring person. We like to go on adventures together like riding bikes to cool places around our neighborhood. He teaches me new things. When I was in the hospital he was always there to keep me company. He would tell me silly jokes when I was sad. My brother held my hand when I was in pain. He is a great listener, and learned to be patient with me when I got sick. My dream for Josh is that he graduates from college and finds a job that will make him happy. Maybe he will own a video store or be a scientist. Although Josh and I argue some times, I will always look up to him and love him. “ Josh, you are the best brother and friend in the whole wide world!”

Mitchell | Brother

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