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Age | 17

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I photographed my brother, Sky, who I call Skybird. He is fourteen years old and has Pulmonary Atresia. He makes me feel comforted and brings out the best in me. He makes me feel happy but truthfully, at times, also overwhelmed. We like to play Brotherbass and guitar together. We also like to go to our high school ministries on the weekends and are excited to be sharing God’s word. We also like to create dance routines. I’m proud of Sky because he is bold with such great confidence, and is not ashamed to show why he’s different. When I look at him, I am inspired to do the things he is incapable of doing. I’m proud of his bravery and for having such a strong heart. “Sky, I love you because you are my brother and because you continue to be strong even with your disability. You are quite special and I’m deeply proud to be your sister. I thank you for the heart that you have and for an amazing personality that you were blessed with. Lastly, I thank God for having you as part of my life because without you, life wouldn’t be as exciting.”

I am a believer of Jesus Christ and I strongly follow his values.
I can compose my own music and make people laugh.
I will be an example for others.

My sister Jayvell is my photographer. We don’t really like all the same things, but we have fun laughing together and can be friends. I am hoping through this experience we can become closer. We like to play volleyball together. She helps to remind me to take my medicine. She helps me with my homework and also helps keep me accountable in my walk with God. I am proud of my sister because she is always compatible and patient with me and others. She is also an example to everyone through her faith with God and attitude toward others. The most important reason I’m proud of her is because even though she faces trials and hardships she continues to pursue God and his righteousness. My dream for Jayvell is to pursue God’s best and just make the right choices in life. I hope she will go to college and do many great things for herself as well as others. “Jayvell, you are so beautiful! Continue to strive for God’s best in your life & don’t let anyone stop you from your dreams. I thank you for putting up with me & will surely bless you. I love you even though I don’t tell you I do.”

Sky | Brother

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