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Age | 11

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

My brother, EJ, is twelve and he has had Burkitts Lymphoma twice. It’s a fast growing cancer. Now he doesn’t have cancer so we are always doing the normal brother, sister things. Sometimes we are nicer to each other than at other times. Sometimes we watch movies or have cook-offs. Sometimes when I ride my mom’s bike he gets on his skateboard and holds on. I’m proud of EJ because he is a really, really good skateboarder. He is as determined to skateboard as I am about swimming and volleyball. “EJ, I hope you become a pro skateboarder and go to college and do really well. I hope when you grow up, you can have a mansion with those cool skateboard stairs that you’ve always wanted.”

I am a good volleyball player and an honor roll student.
I can sing well and get a 4.0 GPA.
I will be a dolphin trainer.

Ikeja is my sister. When I was in the hospital, she came about twice a week and played games with me. Now we hang out sometimes and she helps me with my homework. Sometimes she lets me borrow stuff from her. We take walks together and go to the beach. I am proud of her because she got straight A’s. I hope that she can accomplish her goals like maybe becoming a singer or a dancer. “ Ikeja, thanks for helping me to have a great time when I was in the hospital.”

EJ | Brother

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