Age | 11

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I took pictures of my mom Lillian. My mom is funny, smart and respectful. My mom’s prison time affected me pretty severely. My mom was not taking care of me because she was under the influence of drugs. My grandma took care of me. Now my mom takes better care of herself and I think she is ready to come out. My mom is changing because she now believes in the Lord and prays for us everyday. I get so excited now to see her because I don’t usually get to see her for a long time. When I do get to go to Kids Day at the prison, I like to play sports with my mom so I can get to know her better. I am proud of my mom because she doesn’t take drugs anymore and she is clean. I didn’t like her before when she was taking drugs. Now I love her.

I am a great student.
I can be a good listener.
I will be the best racecar driver, or a photographer, or a news person.

My photographer is my 11 year-old son, Dylan. On the day he was born he stared at me with these big, brilliant eyes full of love and innocence. What a precious child from God. Dylan loves the beach, his bike, playing soccer, photography, going fishing and playing strategic video games. I love to listen to him talk and express himself. He has an imagination and presence that captivates my heart and leaves me in awe. I am proud of Dylan for who he is. He is articulate, bright, responsible, understanding, respectful, radiates joy and has a compassionate heart. My wish for him is that he go to college and be financially secure in a promising career. I want him to establish stable, healthy, loving, long-term relationships and, be rooted in the word of God. I want him to know that I am in the process of change; staying drug-free, setting priorities, being obedient, working on my communication skills, learning to listen and forgive and most of all, learning to be content with what I have now and who I am. I want to tell Dylan, “You have the ability to succeed in anything you put your mind to. Explore, dream and discover. Never give up and believe in you!”

Lillian | Mother

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