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Age: 20
Year: 2011 Down Syndrome `Ohana of Hawai`i

Lisa Uesugi, Photographer

ProjectFocus impacted me by making me feel special! Laurie and Lisa made me feel loved and a part of something big. I have accomplished a lot since 2011, including riding the bus independently from Kailua to my home in Waimanalo. I am most proud of the opportunity to go to the Special Olympics World Competition in LA where I will perform at the opening ceremony. My dream is to be a professional dancer, actor and/or comedian, to have my own house. I would also like to live with my dad and work with him at his restaurant.
* Shared in collaboration with Kekoa’s mom.

I am…going to visit my dad in Vancouver and
spend time with him someday

I will…never give up with what life has in store for me

I appreciate…all my family and friends — and my fans

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