Age | 9

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I photographed my mom, Ana. She is so pretty and she is a fun, good person. I was worried about her in prison and it made me sad. But now my mom’s changes makes me feel very happy because she stopped doing bad things like drugs and stealing stuff. My mom makes me happy now because she is working really hard to make a better life for me and her. We are happy because she gets to come home now. I would like my mom to know that I am proud of her because she has changed from being a bad person to a good person.

I am good.
I can be a good friend.
I will be helpful.

My photographer is my baby girl, Kealohi. She has had a rough life because for the most part I wasn’t around but she has had family that has been wonderful. My relationship with her is just beginning anew and I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with her. I love to just be near her and watch her laugh and play. Just to see her and smell her brings great joy to my heart. Kea has been through a lot but she’s such a strong child. She is loving and helpful and is always accomplishing things and winning awards. I love the fact that she puts her best foot forward and does all she can to do better. I hope she will be all that she can be and accomplish each goal she sets for herself. My only real dream for her is that she’ll find happiness in all that she does. I would like her to know that I am striving to make a better life for us by going to school and forwarding my education so that I can build a good career that would provide for her and her brother. It will also teach me new skills to stay clean and sober. I hope she will always know that no matter what happened in the past, I never stopped loving her or forgot about her.

Ana | Mother

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