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Age | 13

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I photographed my sister Kate. She is six years old and is adjusting to her new home and family because we adopted her from China. She did a good job of adjusting because even though she is also working to overcome some learning and medical challenges, she is somehow able to put all of her problems to the side. Sometimes I am very stubborn and hard headed because she is very strong- willed and I’m not always going to let her get her way. Sometimes she makes me feel like I should be more like her in how she can stand up for herself and really make her feelings known. I help her with a lot of “firsts” like ice skating or even simple things like spelling or learning a new board game. I’m proud of her because she is so determined at everything, even the simple things such as writing, drawing or getting what she wants, which is not always a good thing. “Kate, whenever you are around, you make life more interesting.”

I am competitive in sports or any competition.
I can not go a day without soccer.
I will never give up on anything I set my mind to.

My brother Jonathan is seven years older than me and he took my picture. I like him because he is good and he is very nice and has lots of friends. He is funny and makes me laugh. He loves soccer. We play word games like “I Spy” and rhyming games in the car and when I’m having a hard time, he helps calm me down. I am proud of him because he treats me really nice. Jonathan, I like that you have patience with me!”

Kate | Sister

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