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Age: 25
Year: 2007 Kids Hurt Too Hawai`i

Lisa Uesugi, Photographer

ProjectFocus helped me “focus” on the people who helped me during a difficult time. It also made me thankful for other programs too like “Kids Hurt Too” that help so many kids who are faced with challenges after they have lost someone important. I have worked at Genki Sushi for the past four years and have taken up the sport of rock climbing. I am proud that I have found a hobby for life that works both my mind and body. It’s great to train hard and socialize with the rock climbing community which I do outdoors in Hawaii and at the Volcanic Rock Gym, `Oahu’s only indoor climbing gym. My dream is to continue to work hard and climb even higher!

I am…a hard worker, a strong rock climber,
and a down-to-earth person

I will…strive to become stronger in every aspect of my life

I appreciate…Project Focus, Kids Hurt Too, friends, family, and everyone who has helped me become the person I am

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