Jack Kampfer

Jack Kampfer
Age: 77
Photographer: Mariya Parkhomchuk, Age 17 ~ Leilehua High School
 Originally, from Albany, New York, Mr. Kampfer came to Wahiawa in 1962 as an officer in the U.S. Army. He bought a home in Wahiawa in 1966, but was not able to fully enjoy the town until his retirement in 1981.
While employed in IT at the Bank of Hawaii, he developed a passion for community service and dedicated himself to the betterment of Wahiawa. He joined the Wahiawa Lions Club and is proud to have initiated the annual school supplies drive for needy area students. In 2012, he was elected District Governor of all Lions in Hawai`i. Elected one of the original members of the neighborhood board, Mr. Kampfer served for 16 years, including the last five as chair. During his time on the board, the State’s Ihoiho Place single-home development was modified to include housing for seniors, the agricultural lands around Wahiawa were protected from development, and a plan to establish a commuter airport here was thwarted.
He served multiple terms as President of the Wahiawa Community and Business Association (WCBA) and is still a board member. During his time as President, he established the Wahiawa Community Strengthening Program, which led directly to the creation of the Wahiawa Community Based Development Organization of which he was the founding president. He is also a member of the Wahiawa Historical Society. Mr. Kampfer currently serves on the boards of Wahiawa General Hospital and is President of the Wahiawa Hospital Association. He was also very active in politics and continues to be active with Our Lady of Sorrows Church.
Wahiawa was a simple, friendly, laid-back town of small, family-owned shops and restaurants. The area mainly consisted of homes, farmlands, and fields.
My children and I enjoyed walking or biking around Wahiawa to the district park to watch Leilehua and AJA baseball games, or to the Dairy Queen, Shan’s Bakery, Dong Yang or Sunnyside. I think it’s important for our young children to know, honor and preserve Wahiawa’s unique Hawaiian, military and agricultural heritage. As I wrote in a poetized neighborhood board annual report, “Wahiawa is really a special place, because the people who live here give it a caring face.”
I think one of life’s greatest gifts is giving back to our community and joining forces to solve problems rather than sitting back and letting someone else do the work.

Mariya Parkhomchuk

I was born in, Russia and have lived on O`ahu for seven years and in Wahiawa for two years. I wanted to participate in this project because I hope to major in journalism and thought this would help me learn more about the interview process.  It was also a great opportunity to learn about Wahiawa directly from its primary source, the community elders. This project brings back the stories and lessons of historical Wahiawa so that they are not lost in the past. Mariya Parkhomchuk
Age 17
Leilehua High School
Photographer: Lisa Uesugi
Kūpuna Jack Kampfer
Age 77
I really like how the people of Wahiawa are so welcoming and friendly. I especially like hanging out and writing at Surfer’s Coffee Bar as well as eating at Aloha Sub. Outside of school, I like to swim, hike, listen to music, and write.  After I graduate from high school, I wish to attend a four-year university in Oregon.

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