Age | 9

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

My Aunty Joy takes care of me when my mom is taking care of my sister. I lost the feeling of having my dad around so my aunty helps me. She makes me feel loved because she takes care of me. I like to dance with her at church and she helps me with the motions that are hard. I want to thank her for taking care of me.

I am a good drawer.
I can run fast in volleyball.
I will do my best to be a teacher.

Faith took my photograph. Her family and ours are very close and she is like a niece to me. I love being around her. She is the oldest daughter of a single mother of three and goes to Kamehameha Schools. Faith and my oldest son are about the same age and enjoy the same things. She is like a female version of my oldest son; very intelligent and loves to dance. She is also wonderful with the younger children.

Faith has overcome many obstacles in her life and I am proud of her for learning to become such a beautiful lady in the midst of it all. My dream is for her to become what the Lord wants of her…I want her to follow her own dreams and not form herself into ours. I want her to love life and seize every moment. Her gifts are special and she needs to develop these to glorify God.

Joy | Family Friend

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