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Age: 19
Year: 2011 Down Syndrome `Ohana of Hawai`i

Laurie Breeden Callies, Photographer

Through ProjectFocus our family was offered the opportunity to celebrate David’s life and his accomplishments. This special experience brought all of this into “focus” for us. For the duration of the project he was the star and we realized how blessed we were to have him in our lives. David’s accomplishments include his continued involvement with Special Olympics where he competes in bowling, swimming and bocce. He was the torch lighter for the Winter Games in 2013. David works at Big City Diner as a dishwasher and Kailua High School as a classroom cleaner. We are most proud of David’s ability to befriend those outside of his “special” circle. His dream is to work at a restaurant or grocery store, move into his own apartment and have a girlfriend. All of these are attainable dreams!
* Shared in collaboration with David’s mother.

I am…a great cook, smart, and strong

I will…get a job when I grow up and be a chef and
have my own apartment and have a girlfriend and
get married and have kids

I appreciate…that I can ice skate and have a family that
loves me

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