Age | 14

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I chose my sister, Leki, to take photographs of because she is my older sister. She makes me feel really good because she keeps me on track with school. I am really proud of her because she gets good grades and that makes me want to have good grades too. I want to tell my sister that I admire her because of her good grades and because she doesn’t complain about helping me with my schoolwork. I really look up to her for all of the great things she does in her life.

I am…drug free
I can…play football
I will…be a great football player

My brother, Bryson, took my picture. He’s a very outgoing person and makes friends fast. He’s a very funny person and makes us laugh. I like to go to the beach, cruz and eat with him. I’m really proud to be his sister because he really tries hard in everything he does. My dream for my brother is for him to finish high school and go to college so he can accomplish his own dreams. “Go for your dreams, Bryson, and I’ll support you 100%!

Alexis “Lexi” | Sister

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