Age | 12

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I am a part of Kids Hurt Too because my mother was sick and passed away from cancer. I now live with my sister and her boyfriend. They take care of me and my brother. They bring us to Kids Hurt Too to help us in dealing with my mom’s passing. I chose Michael, my sister’s boyfriend because he takes care of me and makes sure I go to school. He teaches me to fish and other things that I may use later in life. He makes me feel wanted and loved and this makes me feel happy. Michael takes me fishing and teaches me how to dive and throw net. He has been there from the beginning to help me when I am feeling down. He tells me that everything will be ok and that he will always be there for me. I want to let him know how much he means to me and that I am thankful that I have him to talk to or to cry to when I am feeling down.

I am strong and smart.
I can fish.
I will become a fisherman and a captain of a fishing boat.

My photographer was Austin. I am his brother-in-law and since his mother passed away from cancer a year ago, I’ve been caring for him with his older sister. Austin and I like to to go and have fun fishing, diving, playing paintball and going to the beach.

I am proud of Austin because he’s come a long way. He’s a better person in what he does and how he acts. He’s very smart, loving, funny, and is a good uncle to my kid and a good brother-in-law.

My dream for Austin is that he graduates from high school and college and becomes the best person he can be.

“Austin, you mean so much to me. I care about you and want you to know that I’ll always be there for you.”

Michael | Brother-in-Law

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