Age | 15

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

This is my best friend Michelle. She was the first person who talked to me when I was first transferred. I feel so awesome around her because she taught me to be myself. She always brings out the best in me. She is so energetic and funny. I love to just talk and hang out with her. She is a really good person I can talk to when I have a problem. I can really trust her. I am so proud of Michelle because she has sisters who drive her crazy all the time and a home without a father. She is so strong. She deals with so much drama and yet she is just as happy as can be. She inspires me to be strong even through the tough times. She is an amazing person. “Michelle, thank you for being such a great friend to me. Even though we fight sometimes, you still remain my closet friend. Thank you. “

I am whoever I want to be.
I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.
I will show the world all I can be and make my parents proud of me.

My photographer’s name is Arisha. Arisha’s life is not an ordinary life; she lives in a foster home and constantly moves around to different families. She is in ROTC and is doing very well in school. Arisha likes to concentrate on all the good things in life, even with what’s going on in her life. We love to go to the mall and see movies. She helps me with my problems, and I know I can come to her for help. I am really proud of Arisha because although her life isn’t the best, she can always make the best out of everything. She is also following her dreams and accomplishing her goals. She is one of the few people I can actually trust. My dream for Arisha is that her dreams of becoming a photographer and going to college come true. I hope she can perfect her photography so others will realize the message in them. “Arisha, I look up to you. You are able to look at the great things in life even though your life may not be great.”

Michelle | Friend

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