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Alofaaga “Jazmyne”

Age | 12

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

I am photographing my mom, Olive Kaleuati because she does everything for us. She helps us clean the house. She cooks and takes care of five kids. She takes care of my dad and helps him get to his meetings in the mornings. She always makes me feel happy and makes me laugh when she tickles me. She makes me feel really safe. She helps me learn to cook for my family and helps me when I clean the house. I like to go shopping with her and want to do more fun things with her. I am proud to be her daughter because she’s smart and knows how to take care of so many people. My mom finished school and I’m proud of her for doing that. I want to tell her thank you for inspiring me to want to finish school too.

I am…smart, helpful and clean
I can…play soccer and volleyball really well
I will…always take care of my family

My daughter, Alofaaga, took my picture. She loves helping others and helps me take care of our family. She is so different from the other children in our family because she’s sensitive and is concerned if someone is sad. She’s always there to lend a hand. I love talking story and listening to music with her. My dream is for her to go to college and get a degree so she can enjoy her life and her family. I want her to know that I love her very much and to remind her that if she stays strong in her beliefs everything will fall into place and life will get better.

Olive Kaleuati | Mother

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