Norberto “Bert” & Rosalina “Rose” Baysa

Norberto “Bert” & Rosalina “Rose” Baysa
Ages: 84 & 85
Birthplace: Bert, Philippines and Rose, Hawai`i
Photographer: Charlene Ballera, Age 15 ~ Leilehua High School
Dr. and Mrs. Baysa have called Wahiawa home for over 56 years. Married for 60 years, the Baysas are icons in the Wahiawa community because of their local and international philanthropic work in field of medicine. Dr. Baysa was the founder of Wahiawa’s Medical Arts Clinic and served as a family practitioner until his retirement in 2003. Mrs. Baysa is a registered nurse, yet dedicated most of her life to raising four children. Mrs. Baysa loves to socialize with friends and family and takes great pride in her garden.
When we were growing up, life in Wahiawa was very different than it is now. We miss some of the old things about this area, but also think it’s good to see many of the improvements that have been made over the years. The older Wahiawa community was a closely-knit group and took great pride in their homes and gardens. It was a reflection of who they were, but that’s not necessarily the case with everyone who now lives here.
I am one of six children and worked hard to make a good life for myself. I attended Waialua Elementary and High School, the University of Hawaii at Manoa and received my medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine, where all four of my children also attended. I also served in the Hawaii Air National Guard until 2006 and as a physician, traveled the world to help those less fortunate.
Rose and I strongly believe that our faith in God is the foundation of life and what guides us in all we do. Our greatest gifts in life are God and our family.
Your brain is like an empty book and each lesson learned is one that you can rely on daily if needed.

Charlene Ashley Ballera

I was born and raised in Wahiawa. It’s a small, welcoming place where everyone is considered family. I wanted to go out into the community and connect with the people around me. ProjectFocus gave me the opportunity to do exactly that. I hope ProjectFocuscan help give Wahiawa a better name so it becomes not just a passing point, but a memorable place Charlene Ashley Ballera
Age 15
Leilehua High School
Photographer: Laurie Callies
Kūpuna Bert and Rose Baysa
Ages 84 & 85
When Iʻm not in school, I enjoy going to the beach, eating, playing tennis and hanging out with my friends. After high school, I plan on going to college and majoring in engineering. I also want to travel around the world, learning about others and seeing things from different perspectives.

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