Age | 21

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I photographed my dad, Peter Webb. I like him because he is nice and helps me with my work. He shows me that he loves me by making me feel special. My dad makes me so happy and treats me with kindness. We love to go swimming, hiking, shopping and play board games – like Monopoly. He loves to sail. He loves to cook and makes the best spaghetti. I’m so proud of my dad because he is a teacher. He helps grown ups and makes people feel good inside. “I love you. You work so hard and you help our family.”

I am happy and a good person
I can swim
I will be a chef at a hotel

Alice is my photographer and is the younger of our two daughters. We are a close family and Alice and I spend a lot of time together. We play cards most evenings – she’s a good gin rummy player! Alice is always upbeat and helps me to stay focused and cheerful. She always does her best and surprises me with her talents and her independence. She is a terrific artist and paints, weaves and creates sculptures. She was most recently awarded an apprenticeship to work with a wood turner. Alice is a compassionate and caring person. My dream is for her to gain even more independence, nurture and expand her talents, and venture out into the world. “Alice, I admire your willingness to keep growing in all aspects of your life. I am so proud of you!”

Peter | Father

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