Age | 17

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I am photographing my mom, Lois, because she is the strongest person I know. She’s outspoken, easygoing and would do anything for her family. When I am around my mom I feel like I don’t need anything else because basically I’m lost without her. She does everything for me. She takes care of me and helps me when I’m having hard times. I am proud of my mom because she is able to have a job then come home, cook dinner and take care of all five of us children. I think she is a strong human being. I want her to know that I love her and am very proud of her because of what she has accomplished in her life.

I am…smart
I can…babysit
I will…be successful in life

Presca, or Pres as we call her, took my picture. She is my oldest child and is a smart young woman who listens and is eager to learn different things. She does a lot for me and I can always depend on her. She’ll go to the extreme to help. She’s also a good cook. We love to hang out and go shopping together. I am very proud of her because she has had a lot of obstacles and challenges in her life but she always succeeds. Even though she’s had some downfalls, she never gives up. I am so proud to have such a beautiful daughter. My dream for her is to accomplish her goals…whatever makes her happy, makes me happy. I want her to know that whatever she chooses in life I will always be there for her. I want to thank my daughter very much for all the help she gives to our family and to tell her that I will love her always. “May you accomplish your goals and dreams. I love you.”

Lois Spillner | Mother

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