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Age: 22
Year: 2011 Down Syndrome `Ohana of Hawai`i

Lisa Uesugi, Photographer

ProjectFocus made me happy because I got to do special things and meet many special people like Lauren Potter, the actress from “Glee.” I had fun at the reception. I graduated from high school and am working now as a custodian at the Marine Corps Base Hawai`i Food Court. I am also participating in Special Olympics and dancing with 24-7 “HeartBeat” at the opening of the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles this summer.  I became an Eagle Scout with The Boy Scouts of America. I am really proud of taking pictures with ProjectFocus. My dream for the future is to do more traveling to places like California Universal Studios and Las Vegas to eat, watch shows and gamble.
* Shared in collaboration with Marcus’ mother.

I am…a good dancer, a bike rider and human being

I will…be a chef and go to Disneyland to have fun

I appreciate…my six dogs, my girlfriend and
my friends and family

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