Age | 10

Photographer| Laurie Breeden Callies

My mom’s name is Jennifer. She is helpful, kind, funny and treats my sisters and I well. When my mom was in jail it made me mad because she said it was her last time but it wasn’t. She said she wouldn’t do drugs anymore but she did with her boyfriend without us knowing. Only then, she got thrown in jail but now she is going to live with my grandma and I so that she won’t go into drugs and get thrown in jail again. She now makes me feel proud because she is not drinking around me and she stopped doing bad stuff. I know she cares for me and I like to spend time with her at Keiki O Ka’aina. We like to play outside. I am proud of her because she now talks about drugs and alcohol and she tells me not to do it because I’ll die fast. I would like to tell my mom, “Mom, I didn’t like you when you were doing drugs and when you were drunk. I feel better now because you don’t drink or do drugs anymore.”

I am hard working and honest.
I can play games.
I will be a boxer.

My son’s name is Jaydon Nalani and he is my firstborn. He is timid, playful and loving. He’s been through everything with me. Through good times and bad times and he’s never once given up on me. The bond that I have with him is irreplaceable. I enjoy spending time with Jaydon. We crack each other up with our stories and are forever laughing. My most favorite memory of our time together is lying down at bedtime and tickling his back as he falls asleep. If I thought he was asleep and stopped, he’d say: “Not yet Mommy…don’t stop. I’m still up!” My dream for Jaydon is that he will reach his highest potential and not follow in my footsteps. I want Jaydon to know that I’ve made many mistakes and that my only desire is to have a drug-free life; a life where I can be a mommy to him and his sisters that they deserve. “Jaydon, I admire you because you are such an awesome older brother to your sisters and I am so blessed and grateful to have a son with such a big and forgiving heart.”

Jennifer | Mother

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