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Age: 21
Year: 2011 Down Syndrome `Ohana of Hawai`i

Lisa Uesugi, Photographer

The best thing about ProjectFocus was meeting Lauren Potter from “Glee” and it was fun taking pictures of my sister, Michelle.  I am still involved with Special Olympics and dancing. My dance group, “HeartBeat,” has been invited to perform at the opening ceremony in Los Angeles for the World Special Olympics in July 2015. I am proud that I have been learning sign language in my dance class – I love learning new dances. My dream is to become an assistant dance instructor and help kids and people with disabilities.
* Shared in collaboration with Jasmine’s mother.

I am…a model, a dancer and a bowler

I will…go on a trip to LA and Disneyland

I appreciate…Auntie Laurie and Auntie Lisa

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